//Marleys Special Clones

Marleys Special Clones

Clones are genetic copies of a previously selected mother plant. Our cuttings come from mother plants of different genetics, which (when bloomed) have a THC content of <1%. The final THC and CBD values may vary depending on the method of cultivation and phenotype.

The mother plants from which we obtain our clones are exclusively female plants. Male plants, the resulting fertilisation of the female plants, and resulting seed formation, are therefore eliminated.

  • THC value under 1 %
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We sell cannabis clones for both commercial and private use.

Please note that the commercial use of our seeds may be carried out under artificial light („indoor“) with the exclusion of daylight. Our seeds should not be used in agriculture (for example in a greenhouse with daylight or in an open field). Further information on hemp can be found in the corresponding leaflet from the Federal Office of Agriculture.

Detailed information about rearing hemp plants may be found here.

Be aware that the cultivation of hemp requires registration in some Swiss cantons. We recommend that you learn about this prior to cultivation.

Please direct inquiries to stecklinge@marleys.ch or contact us at Tel. 076 700 05 07.


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